Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Live Cafe Grand Opening :D

Saturday the 25

we would like to invade u all to com to
The Live Cafe Grand Opening!
Please keep looking at the Blog for New info

Playing the 25 on Grand opening:
opening for us is:
The Live Cafe's
Resident Jazz DJ

From 2PM to 3PM SLT
The Live singers on the 25:

Keeba Tammas 
From 3PM to 4PM SLT

Keeba Tammas is one of the finest female vocalists in Second Life.
A professional vocalist for many years, Keeba was in a variety of bands in the eighties.
She also did voice overs for cartoons and commercials.
A seasoned performer in SL as well, Keeba is one of the most sought after female vocalists available. From the first song to the last she delivers a power packed punch ... belting out her songs with tremendous energy and shear raw talent. Her backup band, The Tiny Maniacs add to the fun for a free wheeling, high energy performance.


 ---- & ----

Sorry Hogman has Consult
---- File-in is ----


From 4PM to 5PM SLT
Talent & Professionalism just oozes out of the man….
Gibson has been hooked on music since his Mother taught him “Fur Elies” on the piano when he was just 7 years old. Influenced by both his parent’s musical talents, Gibson went on to learn to play Piano, Guitar, Mandolin, Bass, Drums, Harmonica, Banjo, and anything else that he could get his hands on. His latest acquisition is a fiddle. Along with the many instruments Gibson plays, he also has written many original songs. The first song he ever wrote was about what else, Love. “Most kids write about a break-ups or a girl. I was no different. The song is called ‘What I Call Love’. Maybe ask me to play it sometime.”


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· ᴛ ᴏ x ɪ ᴇ ·
From 5PM to 6PM SLT 
What started as a bit of a joke with her performer friends, turned into a new outlet for her “musical therapy”.
With a collection of music that’s a blend of classic to contemporary, sweet to naughty, Toxie has a rich, sultry voice that can shift gears and really soar. Enjoy jazz? Blues? Rock? A little pop maybe? Check out her song list and bring your requests, be ready to sing along, and let Toxie show you just how much she loves the music she shares.

 The Live Cafe,s HOT NEWs
And omg
coming to The Live Cafe
Thursday the 30

is none otter then 1 off the best SL bands
Yes Boys and  Girls :d it its


oping for  [engrama]
The Live Cafe,s Jazz DJ TonyKoch

12AM to 1PM

 1PM to 2PM+

[engrama] INFO
 The Live Cafe,s HOT NEWs

 Plies se the Shop we now got new nice stuff to

bay at the Bar in The Live Cafe :D
*•.¸♥ ˁ(OᴥO)ˀ ♥¸.•*

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