Sunday, April 3, 2016

Grand ReOpening 2016


The Live Cafe Grand ReOpening :D

Saturday the 9

SL Harbor La Luna bay City

we would like to invade u all to com to
The Live Cafe Grand ReOpening!

Please keep looking at the Blog for New info

Playing the 9 on Grand ReOpening Day:

opening for us is:

THE Live Cafe,s

2PM to 3PM SLT

hoans bip, is a live singer from Portugal 
were prove to be hes new Home venue :D 
Hes Profile LINK:

3PM to 4PM SLT
Raven,s Profile

Born and raised in Georgia/USA, at the age of 35,
Raven has been a stage performer since the age of 6.
With a wide variety of genres, Raven has a voice and
character that will make your heart sing.

Some of her RL experience includes over 25 years of
musical stage performances, both solo and
with various well known artists.

She is a live singer in Real Life, as well as Second Life.
Raven loves to take you out of your comfort zone
with the types of music she performs.

Most of her live singing events are very up close and personal.
She is also a “Unplugged” type performer.

Her style will reach out to wide varieties of crowds all in one performance.
Raven is not tied down to any one specific genre.
Occasionally, Raven will perform her own original music.

4PM to 5PM SLT
Minsy,s Profile
Meet Minsy, a singer/songwriter that is new to SL
but who has been expressing herself musically her whole life
whether she was singing at home, in church or as part of trio.
Her sound, described best as alternative folk,
is also sprinkled with notable 80's classics and country.
Reminiscent of Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell, her eclectic voice and
stylings are unlike many others that you'll hear today.
Please join Minsy as she shares her love of music
in hopes of making new friends.


5PM to 6PM SLT
Phoenixx Flux sings Live
Profile is coming

We got a Teleport to The Live Cafe at
the LUNA Teleport Landing Punt :D
*•.¸♥ ˁ(OᴥO)ˀ ♥¸.•*

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