Wednesday, February 17, 2016


The Live Cafe,s
Live sings
 Hoans Bip
Hes Profile  
Hello Im João thats why I choose hoans for my
name in SL, because it sounds near of João.
I'm From Lisbon - Portugal, and I'm a musician since young,
I started to play drums in a duet with a keyboardist,
then I grow up and learned a bit about guitar, then,
like everybody I was in bands and even composed some songs,
but I have continued growing up a little more and
then I started to play cover songs at clubs near Lisbon.
Well last year I was playing full time at a restaurant for tourists.
I was playing for people from all over the world.
So SL makes me remember that my last job.
So Im very happy to play again for people from all over the world.
Thank u for hearing me
Hoans Bip
avelebol for booking
2200Ls a hour
Contact the 
(: lulu6kat :)
We got a Teleport to The Live Cafe at
the LUNA Teleport Landing Punt :D
*•.¸♥ ˁ(OᴥO)ˀ ♥¸.•*

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